FILM 033


in front of us film series presentsLa Cienaga (The Swamp) (2001). It is the first feature directed by internationally-known Argentinian filmmaker Lucrecia Martel. All Martel’s films have a documentary, knowing, intense, class-conscious, even Cassavetes feel, while employing the particular radical angle of focusing on a female character in the midst in a middle class Argentinian family summering in their decrepit country estate called La Mandrágora. 

At a moment when everyone is wild for Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma, Martel’s earlier example of transnational auteurism is truly hot stuff that In Front of Us is proud to share. Martel’s most recent film is the period drama adaptation Zama (2017) that has been rocking international festivals for the past year. Her earlier films are the adolescent drama The Holy Girl  (2004), the psychological thriller The Headless Woman (2008). Don’t miss this chance to get in on her awesome earliest work.  

Caitlin Murray